United’s Frustrating Transfer Sagas

We are now 18 days in the transfer window. Manchester United have struggled with the midfield positions for the first half of the season and, with Pogba and Mctominay injured for the long term, are expected to sign a midfielder. Bruno Fernandes is one name has been touted and most of the press has been claiming the deal is done for a few days now but there is no sign of the player.

Instead, Fernandes played the whole 90 minutes against Benfica on Friday, a game in which the Sporting Lisbon side he captains lost at home by 2-0.

United fans have been left frustrated since the transfer window opened. Names like Fernandes and Lille’s Soumare have been linked with the club, players who would certainly boost United’s midfield for the second half of the season and maybe salvage a sub-par campaign. However, no signings have been made and none are in sight except for the over-stretched Fernandes saga.

Why can’t United negotiate transfers faster?

Due to the size of the club and their propensity to overpay for new signings in the past few years, clubs from which they buy from will surely try to milk them for much more money and United might be reticent to indulge selling clubs. This could potentially be one reason why United are painfully playing the waiting game.

However, other top clubs do not seem to have that problem. Bayern Munich buy top stars from smaller clubs regularly at reasonable prices and most of the time, the deals are negotiated before the transfer window even opens. Liverpool had the Minamino deal in the bag before this particular transfer window opened and all that was left to do when the transfer window opened was the signatures.

Why then can’t United do the same? The finger has to pointed towards the backroom staff in charge of transfer deals and eventually to Matt Judge and Ed Woodward. Transfers have not been United’s forte recently and while there certainly has been improvements during last summer’s transfer window, United lie way behind compared to other clubs of the same size.

The club, via Solskjaer, have mentioned that only signings that are a good fit and available for a reasonable price will be considered. That makes sense but when your club lies fifth in the EPL after twenty games and still have 3 cup trophies to play for and your midfield is decimated, surely there should a way to bring in a good midfield player quickly to help the squad.

Erling Haaland scored a hat-trick with his first three shots for Borussia Dortmund today. Jadon Sancho was also on the score sheet. Both fit United’s and Solsjaer’s ideal transfer targets but none of them look like they will play for United in the short term future. They have been long touted as targets but if United cannot negotiate transfers that should be much simpler like the Fernandes one, how can they hope to lure these players to the club?

There is no reason why a club of this magnitude cannot have a more competent and efficient team in charge of transfers. United should be able to negotiate deals to long term targets a bit more easily and avoid drawn-out sagas, which frankly do not help the team, the fans and the coach.

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