See You Soon, Mou

After the 3-1 defeat at the hands of Liverpool, Jose Mourinho has been let go by Manchester United. Somebody getting sacked is not something to be happy about (unless we’re talking about Donald Trump). Our thoughts go with Mou and his family. This is the reality of high level football management. Even Carlo Ancelotti, winner of three Champions Leagues, was fired thrice.

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The Portuguese tactician started life well at Manchester United with a Europa League win in his first year, instilling some resilience in a United side deemed too soft under Moyes and passive under LVG. In his second season he achieved second place with a points tally close enough to win a Premier League in any other season but Man City’s blistering form meant United were only second. The post-Fergie malaise was slowly going away.

This season however did not start well. Mourinho’s “third season syndrome” came and it came way too fast. The manager whined his way through a dismal run, picking fights with his own players and management, inevitably leading to a justified sack. Mourinho was given plenty of money to build a team to identity and was afforded two and a half years at Old Trafford to do so. We can now say he has failed.

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Let’s not forget Mourinho is still the active manager with the most major trophies won. I sincerely hope he finds his next challenge soon, maybe after some well-deserved rest and family time in London.

As for United, they really should appoint a capable interim manager and then it’s high time upper management took a step back to re-structure and appoint a young manager who fits what they want to achieve. There are surely plenty of options on the market right with Zidane, Jardim, Conte and Blanc among others.

Good luck and see you soon on the touchline, Mou!

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