Inter Milan majority stakeholder tests limits of nepotism

Inter Milan has a new President: 26-year old Zhang Kangyang a.k.a. Steven Zhang, the son of Zhang Jidong who is the owner of Suning Holdings Group, Inter’s majority shareholder. While the Suning Holdings Group might think it’s normal for Zhang Jidong to place his son as president of Internazionale, some may say this is text book nepotism.

Inter Milan is not a family business but a 110 year old club with a huge fanbase and a special place in Italian history. To place it in the hands of a 26-year old with no prior exposure to running a football club is a gamble and maybe a slight disrespect to every player, manager or fan that has ever contributed to the success of the club.  There surely could have been a better qualified person to act as Inter Milan’s 21st president

The announcement was made in great fashion, with a supposedly inspirational video:

At least Steven Zhang will have Vice President Javier Zanetti to assist him. The former Inter captain and one of the longest serving players knows every nook and corner at the club and is actually qualified to take the club forward and bring back Inter’s glory days.

Let’s hope for Internazionale fans this outrageous example of nepotism does not take their club backwards.

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Picture by kappilrinesh from Pixabay

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