Mourinho is still the trophy King

Jose Mourinho has been the most criticized coach in world football during the past year. Much of it comes from the exposure due to managing a powerhouse of a club that Manchester United is. Part of it is the Portuguese’s comments and attitude itself. Another factor is the sometimes negative style of football seen from his team. Most of it, I would say, is pure baloney, inspired by fickle-minded pundits. We only need to look at Mourinho’s record to understand why he’s still one of the top manager’s in the game.

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After all these years managing teams across multiple top leagues in Europe, Mourinho is still the King when it comes to trophies. The only two coaches who are close are Guardiola and Ancelotti.

Mourinho has the highest number in terms of major trophies won, while Guardiola’s rate of winning titles per year is the highest. Ancelotti has more years in the business and one more Champions League win than Pep and Mou. Zidane can match Ancelotti’s three Champions League but given he has only been a coach 4 years, there’s not much significant statistics for comparison.

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At the rate of 1.3 trophies per year and having less years in the game as a manager, Guardiola is on course to eventually surpass Mourinho. However, the reality today is that Mourinho’s palmares is much more impressive.

Mou has won the Champions League with two different teams as underdogs: Porto and Inter Milan. The former was based on a very young Portuguese team. Guardiola is yet to win a Champions League title without Lionel Messi in his team. At every turn, Guardiola has inherited world class teams while it was not always the case for Mourinho and Ancelotti.

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Zinedine Zidane has 3 consecutive Champions League trophies and that is mightily impressive but the Real Madrid team he inherited was already built for glory and had a certain Cristiano Ronaldo at his peak. Zidane is also still a young coach, untested in other leagues and with only 5 trophies overall to his name.

Over 18 years of being manager, Mourinho has won 16 major trophies in 4 countries with 5 different teams, including 2 UCL titles while being the underdog.

The following table summarizes how Mourinho compares to the rest of the active top club managers in Europe.



Numbers don’t lie.


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Statistics gathered from Wikipedia.

Featured Image from flickr

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